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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation: First Challenge

Where do you always hang out at? Where do you watch movies at with your friends? For me, we always go to Cineleisure if we were to hang out! "Why do you hang out at Cineleisure?" There are a lot of reasons why I hang out there. Shopping, entertainment and food all in one mall, best of all, it's convenient! I have friends leaving in the east/west and it's the easiest to meet at the central! Ok, so Isabel, Winteng and I decided to spend a day at Cineleisure to complete our challenge! We are thinking about what should we do cause there are too many things you can do at Cineleisure!

So I met Winteng outside Cine and while we were waiting for Isabel, we bought...
Froyo is my favourite!! A must-eat when I'm at Cineleisure every single time!! Do try it, it's located at B1!

We saw the queue at Best Fries Forever and we decided to try it too! The fries is damn awesome, I like the Wow Wow West Sauce(Chilli Beef Sauce + Cheese) and I even bought extra sauce, Gusto Garlic! ♥♥
I really liked the Sour Cola candy from Softie in my Lolly at the 1st floor so I bought it too! And yes, it's camwhore time while waiting for Bel to reach! Snapping time starts now...

Bel reached in a while and after eating so much, I had to buy a drink to quench my thirst. Like I always do at Cineleisure, Artease bubble tea is a must-drink! It was featured in Channel 5's variety show too! 

After buying my Pudding Milktea, time for some shopping!!! We headed to the 2nd floor and started our shopping spreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And like always, we spent a bomb again at Cineleisure. Bought the nail polishes from Beadstreet cause it's really affordable and yes, the colours are really nice!!
You know how affordable things are in Beadstreet judging from the crowd they have in their store, How great isn't it? A lot of stores in town sell overpriced or expensive things, but in Cineleisure, everything is affordable and trendy for teenagers like us!

Next up... Minikin!!
It's definitely my first choice if I were to buy cute ribbons and accessories. Oh, and look at the bags! Trendy? Check! Pretty? Check! Practical? Double check!! Needless to say, their hair accessories are definitely a must-buy if you like ribbons and floral patterns!

This is where we spent most of our time at and why? PRETTY CLOTHES, NECKLACES AND RINGS! 
Look at their variety! I'd prolly spend all my allowance on their clothes. Shopholics on the move~~ Look at the photos and you will know why we wanted to buy the whole place down. 

We went to buy our movie tickets for the movie 'The Lorax' and before the movie start... Camwhore again!!! Looking at the amount of photos I have in my camera, I just had to collage it, there will be A LOT of photos of our faces. You can see how much we enjoyed ourselves from the amount of photos we took. Girls, I am sure you get what I;m saying here right? Hahahaha.

On their level 9 where we exited from our movie, guess what we saw? Yes, lan and there are a lot of those 'Toy-catching Machines'(I don't know what is it called, sorry!). It's getting late so we didn't managed to play lan there. Moreover, all three of us are not good at games anyway. Hahaha. BUT. We are attracted to the bunnies inside the machine. They are so cute, omg. Melts* We know we had to catch them, they are too cute to resist! Just look at the bunnies, melodies and hello kitties! We named our team as Hopping Bunnies for a reason, we like, oh no, WE LOVE BUNNIESSSSSS!

Bel tried to catch one but unfortunately, we failed. LOL. We gave up in the end and decided it will be a wiser choice to camwhore with all the cute little toys in the machines. After I reached home then I realised that the background of the photos are too bright and the soft toys can't really be seen. :(
Overall, we had a great time at Cineleisure and we love hanging out together at Cineleisure! ♥♥

On top of that, as we are shortlisted for the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation, we got to watch 'The Hunger Games' at The Cathay last Wednesday. Thanks Nuffnang for the movie gala premiere! It was a really great movie and those who haven't catch the movie, please do so okay! Definitely worth your money and please book your tickets earlier! It's been full-house for the past few days. Book your tickets now! ♥

Ending of my post with our photos! Do support us when the voting system is out for the competition and most of all, read Isabel's and Winteng's blogpost too!

(Winteng, Cassandra)(Winteng, Isabel, Cassandra)

xoxo, Cassandra

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